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"I had the great pleasure of traveling in Perkins Motor's owned Aerie Van for a camping trip to Gunnison, Colorado. The van is very spacey and comfortable, and also provides a smooth ride. We had to pass through Copper Mountain on our way to Gunnison. The ride up Copper Mountain was comfortable, and the van's V-8 engine did very well despite on inclines and declines, and all the equipment we carried with us. When we reached the peak, the mountain was very chilly. We were able to get a great view of the surrounding mountain, without getting out of the van. It provided enough room for a quick lunch, while being able to enjoy our view and stay warm.

We had to pass through Salida and the small town of Gunnison on the way to our camp site. The van is very maneuverable on two lane roads and small-town roads. Gas stations and small parking lots were not problem for the Aerie Van! The van was the proper length and width to park in the public camp site. Our experience was at a public camp site in Gunnison was extremely comfortable; we had plenty of room to set up for chairs, and a table for cooking.

The van has a built in sink and enough counter space to clean dishes and dishes and cookware to dry. The Aerie Van sink uses water quickly, despite the six-gallon container, so bringing an additional container of water to use for brushing teeth and washing hands is advisable. The Aerie van is also very well insulated. If required, the engine can be idled to provide additional heat. Our one blanket and two sheets were more than enough to stay warm. The built-in bed is spacious enough for two average sized adults to sleep comfortably. There is also enough space on Aerie Van's floor for an inflatable sleeping mattress.

Overall, I would definitely go camping or take a road trip with Aerie Van. The fuel economy is very cost effective and the van itself is easy to drive for experienced or newer drivers. "

-E.M., Medical and Security Professional

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