Welcome to the Aerie Van Blog!

My Aerie Van was AWESOME! I took it on my 3-day trip up through Frisco, Utah Springs and back down through Decker, Colorado. The van itself operated smoothly, I was pleasantly surprised about the turn radius- I ended up on a private road and didn’t realize it, so I had to turn around on the spot.

The side door made it easy to jump in and out to take photos, as I caught some mountain sheep on the side of the highway and needed access to my gear quickly.

I felt safe in the van. As I travel alone often, I decided to park at a couple 24/7 places and did not feel exposed or vulnerable. I appreciated the side door has a separate locking feature, as I did not want to unlock the entire van in order to get in and out from the driver side.

My favorite feature of the Aerie Van is the sink and counter space. For the size of the van, the counter is spacious and I was able to prep my sandwiches and soup easily that weekend. I also like the large drawer underneath, as it housed all the personal items I needed, which made enough space for my gear under the bed.

I did research other conversion vans before Aerie and found some the packages were a bit pricier when it came to ordering the galley and bed- I learned that those items are customized, which is priced outside of the van itself, and that I had to order the kit and wait- a couple of months- before the van would be ready.

I didn’t want to wait- I was ready to see Colorado for the first time! Aerie Vans had a few options to choose from the same day.

I plan to take the van out again in a couple weeks, to drive up northern Colorado and search for photo opportunities!


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