Going on an adventure? Take these tips with you!

Summer is in full swing and camper vans are getting as hot as the temps!

Need some cool down tips while
you're exploring?
We've got you covered- like your sunscreen!

Buy A Cooler Air Conditioner-

It's not technically an air conditioner, but it's a way to get some relief from the hot temps. There are many companies on the market that make them, so look around to see what fits your trip best.

This is a multi-use solution since it allows you to have a cooler of ice to keep food and drinks cold while also cooling the air to give you a more comfortable living experience.

This type of system can make a huge difference on a hot day and could be the difference between you enjoying your trip or being miserable. Perhaps the easiest way to stay cool in your van is to use a standard fan.

Get a fan

Similar to using a standard ceiling fan or a standing oscillating fan at your home, this can be just as effective in your van.

Small clip-on fans work great since you have a limited area to work with. These types of fans can be clipped onto wherever needed so that you can enjoy a nice breeze anywhere in the van.

Many of these types of fans use USB power which doesn’t need much electricity. These work well with solar battery banks and can keep you cool without using lots of electricity. Having a small clip-on fan pointed at you while you are trying to sleep at night can go along way in keeping your cool.

Get Shady

The most basic way that you can to keep cool is to seek out shaded areas to park.

Parking your camper van in the shade is probably an obvious way to keep cool but it’s important to mention it anyway. This is not always possible and you might not always be able to seek out shade if you are depending on the sun for charging your solar panels. However, if you will seek out shaded areas to park your van in when you are not in need of charging your solar battery bank, you will be better off.

Nothing can be more nerve-wracking than being outdoors and something goes wrong.

These tips can prep you and enjoy the journey safely.

1) Know your why
Why are you going on this adventure? To join a group? To cross off a bucket list item? To accomplish an achievement? Make sure you know your why before you pack your gear- it'll save you time and help you prepare better.

2) Treat your adventure as a project
Create a to-do list and a supply list, even make a goal list for your destination. You'll thank yourself for listing out the materials needed and your end-in-mind.

3) Set a budget
This is important in almost everything you do. It's fun to be spontaneous, but when you're out on your journey and you've already spent your funds on that souvenir- that you absolutely must have- all of a sudden you have an unexpected expense. Make sure to budget for any costs that may occur- impulsive and planned.

4) Do a test run on all your gear
For any journey, make sure you test your equipment out. Whether it's in your home or testing it out during a short adventure, it's essential to know your equipment will not fail you when it really counts. If possible, always pack extra batteries, charges, and other supplies. The weather impacts functionality, so keep that in mind.

Come back next month for more adventure tips!

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